Socket 775 and P4 or core2duo CPU


I have a computer which came with a p4 2.8 ghz, hyper-threading CPU and Socket 775. I just found a Core2Duo Socket 775 CPU. How can I find out if this CPU would actually work in this motherboard?
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    What motherboard is it?
  2. Doh!
    It is an OEM Dell board. The machine is a Dimension E310, model DCSM.
    I think I may have found my own answer: Intel 915gv chipset: apparently does not support any multi-core processors. Does anyone have any better information?

  3. I think thats right you cannot upgrade beyond Pentium 4, I think its time for a whole new PC.
  4. Indeed , your PC has reached the end of its line, time to save up and get a new PC.
  5. Thank you, it is *** machine I am looking at repurposing having been retired by previous owner. Just trying to put in the fastest processor possible. Still great for tasks like word processing, browsing, etc.

    Uther39 ... It's not often I see people quoting C. S. Lewis ... You might take *** look at the works of Lewis B. Smedes ... I knew him, *** brilliant man and *** major fan of Lewis. I seem to remember them being acquainted ...
  6. My wife's computer is a Pentium 4 2.8 HT 800mhz L3 1mb
    for email,browsing, playing Bejeweled 3 etc it is perfectly
    streams Netflix and Xfinity ok also

    I of course would love to upgrade her to a new tower
    but there really is no reason to

    A computer is a tool and nothing more
    If it does what you need it do then
    there is no reason to upgrade
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