Lose connection every 15 seconds xp pro new modem

I had a 2 wire modem with my AT&T DSL service. It got zapped in a storm, so I had to replace it with a Mororola modem (this is suppose to be AT&T's recommended modem. I have a Linksys wireless router connected to the modem and broadcasting. I have 3 laptops in the house that have no connection issues with this new set up. but the desktop that is running windows xp pro will not stay connected. Actually it drops the connection every 15 seconds. I have eliminated the wireless router as i connected the modem directly to the computer and it did the same thing. I am not that adept at this kind of thing and can't figure out if there is some regular process that keeps causing it to lose connectivity.
Help !!!!!!
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  1. If you've had lightning damage maybe the computer's network adapter is damaged. Easy enough to replace -- and even if built into the system will tolerate you adding a second adapter.
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