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I just finished installing the OS and drivers and decided to go into the device manager to see how it looks. DM shows 2 gigs of memory installed. Later on just out of curiosity I downloaded the Crucial utility to see how much memory my mb supports. I was shocked to see that the Crucial utility only shows two sticks of 512mb on slot 1 and another 512mb on slot 2. I decided to investigate further and tried the Belarc Advisor. To my surprise the Belard Advisor shows 2048mb usable installed memory but below it it breaks it down like this:

Slot A 0 has 512mb
Slot A 1 is empty
Slot A 2 has 512mb
Slot A 3 is empty

Can someone explain to me what is going on here ? I know for a fact I have two stick of Crucial Ballistix Tracer of 1gb each. Why am I getting these readings?
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  1. Your motherboard may only recognize up to 512mb per ram slot; look up your specs to see what the max ram per slot is.
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