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Motherboard, memory, video card questions

Hi there.

My computer is currently an HP Pavilion M7750N running an A8M2N-LA motherboard (HP ID NodusM3).

The specs on the MOBO spec sheet say that 4 gig is the most supported by HP/Compag, but doesn't implicitly state that that's all the board will support. Does anyone know if it is possible to put more than 4 gigs of memory on this board? If so, how much will it handle? I'm running Win7 32-bit home premium.

Also, the spec sheet indicates that the PCI-E slot is PCI-E X16. I'm looking to upgrade my card because my old one died. I've recently replaced the PSU to a Corsair GS700 from the stock PSU that came with it. I'm looking to buy a and am wondering if that will work on my board? It says it requires a PCI-Express X16 2.1. My reading elsewhere on the forums leads me to believe that it will work in my system, but I wanted to verify before I bought it.

If that card won't work, does anyone have a suggestion for a good video card that will work between $100 and $150, mostly for playing WoW, preferably on the highest possible settings;

Thanks in advance for your time!
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    Yes, that card will work fine.

    (That board/chipset will only support 4GB max of PC 4200 (533 MHz) and PC2 5300 (667 MHz) DDR2 DIMMs. But as long as your O.S. is 32 bit, 4GB is all you can make use of anyway. 4GB won't be a limiting factor if you use the computer for tasks like gaming.)

    For a few dollars more, I would move up to a HD 6790:

    And if you want to spend your max limit, the HD 6850 is a great mid-range card:

    Here's a hierarchy chart to see where the cards fall as to gaming power. Remember, the higher the resolution you game at, the more card you need to maintain good framerates w/ lots of eye candy.,3042-7.html

    Any of those 3 cards is great at 1680x1050 and lower. The HD 6850 can even play well at 1920x1080 if you lower the eye candy a bit.
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