New Custom Build PC with DualBoot

Im about to make a computer for my friend. Knowing that dual-boot is sketchy and can be tricky I wanna know if dual-boot with windows 7 and Snowleopard is possible with this build.
These are the Specs:

MotherBoard: GIGABYTE GA-890FXA-UD5 AM3 AMD 890FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD

Graphics Card: XFX 6970

Cpu: AMD 1100t

Harddrive: Two Corsair SSD Drives and Two 1.5 tb Samsung f4

Ram: 16gb G.skill RipJaws1600mhz
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  1. I also forgot to mention that i will be putting two SSD drives.

    So anonymous1, do you think I will run to errors? or If i do it your way i wont have any problems having dual boot.
  2. Hello raskits;
    I've been running a multi-OS boot system for years now with no problems.
  3. What size SSDs will you be using?
    Will one OS in the dual boot setup be used a lot more than the other?
  4. The SSD is a corsair 32gb. And will have 2 of them.
    Do you think i will have driver issues? like sound or video not working?
  5. No, not at all.
    The OS, drivers and software won't care if your storage is solid state or mechanical.

    You might be better off going with a single 64GB SSD for the OS boot disk you'll be using the most.

    Then use one of the Samsung F4s as the 2nd OS boot drive.
  6. No i know the solid state and mechanical isnt the problem. Im talking about the drivers and software for my components wont work for snowleapord. Im sure my drivers for motherboard and video card would work for windows but not for MacOs. Thats the only problem.
  7. So you're making a Hackintosh. Can't help you with drivers there.
    You'll have to track those down, but I'm thinking it's not an issue. They're just another SATA storage device.
    Does OSX support TRIM for SSDs?
  8. Yeah basically a Hackintosh. Im sure it doesnt support TRIM as of now.
  9. That might be a good reason to do the 1 large SSD thing and put OSX on a HDD.
  10. Yeah i thought so too. But yeah im still sketchy about this hackintosh thing. The drivers not working is my biggest prob.

    Im trying to search for drivers and cant see them.
  11. And I think you're right to be worried about that.
    Apple is the only real source for OSX hardware drivers as far as I know. And why would they write drivers for AMD hardware?

    Unless you can find a source of AMD-Hackintosh experts to let you know how they did it I think you'd be a lot better off going with the native mac architecture that is known to work.
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