Nvidia going to lower power consumption?

The power that these cards are taking is rediculous. It doesn't even seem practical honestly. Anyone know If Nvidia has lower power consumption in the works maybe the for 600 series lol. I got the GTX 460 SC but i'm just looking ahead for the future. I got a 650 watt (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703026). I get 54 amps with it but the way the new graphic cards are taking power is rediculous. I just bought this power supply and it looks obsolete lol (im kicking myself for atleast not getting the 750 watt. I was never thinking about doing SLI but I also wasn't thinking of how much power the newer cards are taking. I just wanted a good PSU for single card) I have been doing some power supply calculator stuff and im noticing that my power supply is really looking obsolete with the newer graphic cards so basically what im saying is "Has anyone heard any info about lowering power consumption for future products?"

Im not really sure how high up I can go with the graphics card because from looking at the Nvidia site it looks like I could run a GTX 580 since the minimum power supply is 600 watt(I think i would be underpowering it honestly or else my computer would shut off from the load). I hate picking out graphic cards. Its so sketchy since I don't know how much of a load my computer is at now. Nvidia needs to stop on the power consumption. GO GREEN for god's sake. They need that sticker that say's "This is certifide as a low powered appliance" lol
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  1. According to these results:


    a system with 2x460 uses 528W from the wall running Furmark, or <~470W from the psu. Add some watts back for also maxing your cpu, and there's still some headroom left in your 650W psu.

    You can go green by using an abacus instead lol. Performance takes power, and AMD/nVidia/Intel are doing the best they can.
  2. yeah see i know that performance does take power but these power consumptions are just getting out of hand now. We will be needing to plug are computers up to the power lines pretty soon. Im just scared to see the next series from nvidia. I bet the power consumption is going to be redonkulous.
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