Graphic card msi getting hanged...can't diagnos the prob

hello friends...i am new in this community...a newcomer in this area...lately got addicted to games so upgraded my cpu with some latest configurationS which are specified below..
well,i have a CRT LG monitor which has the D SUB port...whereas my graphic has a DVI,i am using a connector...but when i am running games in my pc like NFS MW,BURNOUT PARADISE,BATTLEFIELD 2,NFS HOT PURSUIT,the pc gets hanged for about 10 seconds,then the screen goes blank for a moment and then it appears again with the game working...then after sometime again it gets hanged and so on...finally it gets hanged completely...then i have to restart my computer's specification are as below...

motherboard - msi 890gxm-g65
processor - amd phenom(tm) 2 X2 550 processor 3.10 ghz(black edition)
ram - 2+2 gb kingston ddr3 1333mhz
graphic card - msi R5670 1gb gddr5,direct x 11,display port+hdmi
psu - 460w coolermaster(extreme power plus)
hard disk - internal 1TB c-black wd
monitor - LG 700E SXGA MONITOR

i tried running all these games on my friend's TFT also that had the D SUB,again i used the connector there to run the games...but got the same result...
plz help...really can't figure out what the prob is...

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  1. one thing i forgot to mention...i am using windows 7 64 bit...
    plz help...:(
  2. Check for any overheating problems using GPU-Z and CoreTemp.
  3. yes
    almost absolutely definitely an over heating problem
    try these

    Core Temp (google it, its free)
    realtemp (also free)


    and report the temps here, the CPU must stay under 65C and the GPU which IMHO is your problom, under 80/85
  4. thanks a lot for replying guys...but i don't exactly know how to check these overheating,wat i figured out was...

    i downloaded Core Temp,real temp and GPUz as u guys said...but i din't have a clue how to use them...

    still,i got some info on GPUZ...
    so,i ran gpuz and saved a log file on desktop...then i started a hanged...i restarted my pc...then i saved that log file...i repeated the same procedure for all my i need to do anything apart from this in gpuz??i will soon upload the screenshots of those log files...

    Real temp - as far as real temp is does not support amd,got nothing out of it...

    Coretemp - i downloaded it...i ran the showed temperature readings as follows...
    Tj max - 70C
    CPU #0 - 21C Low-20C High-22C
    now i don't know how to use this software while playing games...bcoz when i play games...i can obviously not see this,plz tell wat to do..

    @ pcworm - i really have no clue wat IMHO is...plz help...
  5. IMHO: in my humble opinion

    core temp: go to options/settings and enable logging, it logs temps
  6. What are the idle temperatures that GPU-Z reports?
  7. idle temperature - i am assuming the temperature that the software shows when no game is running....right?? so that temperature is 30C(GPU temp) more temperature its displaying...GPU temp #1 - (31C and 30.5C)
    other specifications in idle conditions are...
    Gpu core clock - 157Mhz
    Gpu Memory clock - 300Mhz
    Fan speed - 28%
    Gpu load(%) - 6,17,4,1,4,3
    Fan speed(rpm) - 3542-3557
    VDDC - 0.900V

    while gaming...
    GPU core clock,GPU memory clock,Fan speed(%) and VDDC...they show the same value as in idle conditions...
    GPU temp - 31C
    GPU temp #1 - 30.5-31.5(varies)
    Fan speed (Rpm) - 3540-3560(varies)

    will upload all the screenshots today in a while though...

    @pcworm - thanks for clarifyin IMHO...:D
    but wat were u asking wen u mentioned 80/85??
  8. i enabled the logging feature in core temp...but where is the file location??how can i noe dat???
  9. It looks like that its not any overheating problem.What PSU( Power supply unit) do you have?
  10. i formatted my pc...installed the latest drivers again...but it still din't fact this time,even the movies weren't getting good graphics...
    then,i removed my graphic card and ran my pc with its onboard graphic card i.e ATI Radeon HD 4290....this time everything ran are running absolutely it still a PSU issue???or should i replace my graphic card???
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