What would you do about this broken GPU?

I had my Gigabyte 5850 break over a month ago, after nine months of use. I went through the RMA process and upon receiving my card back "repaired", I found it was still not producing any sort of display. I've been trying to get them to issue me a second RMA number, but they are very reluctant to do so. I must get it through their terrible email tech support, as I can't find anybody to actually call. Considering the response time between them asking me terribly redundant troubleshooting questions and the amount of time it will take to ship the card, "repair" it, and send it back, I'd guess I'm looking at another three weeks without it.

Is now the time to upgrade, abandoning my old card and writing a bunch of nasty reviews about Gigabyte?

Should I go ahead and buy another 5850 (not from Gigabyte) and if my original card is ever fixed crossfire it?

Or should I just keep hammering away at tech support and hopefully have better luck with my next RMA?
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  1. Well even if you did hammer away.I doubt that you would really get any thing out of it.Once broken technology is "fixed" it rarely performs on the exact level of that it is intended.
    I think you should go for a new card and depending on the setup you could choose a Nvidia card or you want to setup eyefinity?
  2. You should definitely make Gigabyte resolve the matter, if warranted.

    That being said, have you verified that the 5850 is defective? Have you tried it in another machine? Is your power supply up to the task of providing power to the 5850? What make and model of power supply are you using? Are you connecting both PCI-E 6-pin power cables to the 5850?

    Please clarify.
  3. I have indeed verified that the card is defective. I even took it to a PC repair shop and had them verify it as well. I did this both before sending it and after receiving it. Tech support told me this:

    "According to the repair report, the connector was broken and was replaced. All test pass prior to being shipped back."
  4. Personally and being of so-so morals I would, since I've already tried the honest and moral highground route, go and buy the exact same card brand new and return-exchange the broken one saying it did't work. Now you have 2 brand new ones (for xfire), a new receipt, and a new warranty period.

    I suppose if you paid for it with visa you could get them involved, they can exert a little more pressure than you. I don't know if all visa cards do this or not, but mine doubles the manufacturers warranty on everything I purchase with it. <two thumbs up>
  5. ^+1 for popatim
  6. +2 For popatim
  7. You know folks, these things have serial numbers......
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