I have a static discharge now my computor wont boot

hi ,
i was cleaning the inside of my computor ,this i have done before ,only this time a friend told me to use a vacume cleaner to get rid of dust .
i have never used this method before ,but was told it is the best way .
now when i turned on computor it will not boot ,monitor is black screen ,
and i can hear fan on but no beep or boot at all .i have an amd athlon duel core vista home prem 3 yrs old .
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  1. Did you accidentally unplug anything?
  2. not that i am aware ,but did hear a static discharge if you understand what i mean,
  3. In that case, something is fried, but its difficult to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong.Unless you have spare components, get the entire PC checked by a technician.
  4. thanks .
    1st visit to pc world ,2nd visit to so called freind..
    i thought that ,s what you would say ,just cant belive i let him convince
    me it was okay ,gone against every thing i have done in past .
    thanks for your reply .
  5. Vacumes make static, and static is bad.

    Do not ever use a vacume. Use clean, dry, compressed air.
  6. hi daship,
    yeah found that out now ,have never done it before always cleaned
    as you said .
    any idea of what has actually happened ?.
  7. You probably fried the m/b.
    You said you heard the 'discharge' ? Was the computer on, when you were inside it cleaning ?
  8. hi notty22.
    no computor switched off ,all leads disconnected .
  9. The capacitors still have electric in it when it's unplugged. You fried something. Kill your friend. They do make static free vacuums, but expensive I believe.
  10. The above poster must not be very bright, the esd likely did damage your machine to ware you may have to replace it or if lucky swap out the damaged parts such as board ect. The psu is working but do you hear the hard drive working at all as if it is you will be able to recover the data on it.

    Remove the button cell battery and wait 30-60seconds and put it back then try the machine again. If you are lucky it might start up but if it does not you are out of luck. Never use a vac to clean a machine. As for your friend make him/her pay for the damages.
  11. nforce4max said:
    The above poster must not be very bright.

    Please elaborate. I jus told him that he fried something, obviously I have no idea what he fried as I'm not there, but something is definetly dead. (Most likely mobo) but you never know.
  12. hi guys,
    when i switch computor on it tries to boot ,but monitor switches off
    (does not come on at all green light on then straight off).i can hear machine working ,making a sort of pulse / whurring sound .but thats it "
  13. Do you have a seperate discrete video card you can try? That's the first thing I would check, after that, Are you getting any beep codes?
  14. hi
    dont think i have any video cards .got no beep at all ,
    when you start computor normaly i hear beep on start up but not hearing this time
  15. do you know what your motherboard model # is? I believe it's your motherboard that is fried, as yes normally you should get 1 beep, and then multiple beeps mean different error codes (memory error, VGA errors etc)
  16. No Beeps = Short, No power, Bad CPU/MB, Loose Peripherals
  17. Dead board it is that simple but I am guessing that is all that you have done since the failed clean job was turning the machine on and off while expecting different results. Remove the battery and wait a half a minute and then put it back were it was as it was.
  18. It's worth a shot, don't think it will help, but at worst, you're right where you're at now.
  19. have chkd all connections ,nothing loose or missing ,left casing off switched comp on ,fan came on straight away on motherboard then nothing only sound was machine trying to boot then clicking sound then trying to boot again another click this went on for about 30 secs fan still running. so i swtched off .think your right comp dead .
  20. under warranty still??
  21. no unfortunatley 3 yrs old .system i have got is advent T9409 duel core E6300 .320gb hard disk drive 7200rpm,1024mb ddr2 memory.
    think it is cooked .
  22. there's always a silver lining...

    Time to get a new computer :)
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