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How do I enable intel turbo boost? Oh and if I do, will it degrade my hardware life? My motherboard is a p8p67 3.0 Revision LGA 1155 motherboard. My cpu is i5 2500k.
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  1. its on by default. It turns on when the CPU needs less than 4 cores. Google it for more info on turbo boost. It wont degrade hardware life, its a "feature".
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    Turbo boost is a feature that was released with our 1st generation Intel® Core™ processors and with the 2nd generation Intel Core processor have an upgraded version of Turbo Boost. While it is on by default it can be turned off in the Bios. Here is a simple tool that you can run on your system to see when and what kind of boost are you are getting from this technology

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. Yes, it will not hurt the hardware, and it is on by default. I do have a question for you, why do you have a 2500k and a p67 motherboard, if you are worried about your CPU being clocked higher? :o
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