Gtx 280 sli please help

im looking to get 2 gtx 280's. i have a corsair 750w sli ready psu and my question is can my psu handle two gtx 280's. if so will i just be cutting it. i dont want too much strain on my psu. also are Leadtek a good make.

thanks. by the way im having trouble with people not replying to my question. why is this?
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  1. Why such an old card for SLI? Two GTX 460 1GB cards in SLI are the way to go.
  2. yh i know but im only 14 and a gtx 280 is my limited. also what about that make
  3. Do you current own a GTX 280 or are you planning on getting two cards together?
  4. one today and then another in january. also is my psu good enough
  5. That PSU is good for anything upto GTX 470 SLI.BTW how much are you spending on that GTX 280?
  6. they seem to be going on ebay between 55-70
    heres a link to one im watching

    whats that make like

    i was gunna get a xfx black edition oc yesterday but they dont come up often and i want another in jan but yeah 80 is my limit.
  7. Thats a good deal for a GTX 280.Leadtek is an OK company.I would however be extra cautious about a used card.
  8. yh that card is new. but do you recommend a different make.
  9. As I said before, Leadtek is an OK brand, and I would go for that card if it were selling for that low.
  10. thanks for the advice but are you sure my psu can handle 2 460's in sli. if so i dont want to much strain on my psu.
  11. Yes, I'm sure that the Corsair can handle GTX 460s in SLI.
  12. sorry for asking the same question but when you say Leadtek are OK do mean there not great but OK.
    i only ask being im 14 and i dont want a broken graphics card in a couple months. thanks
  13. Generally speaking all brands are nearly equal.The only difference is warranty and support.Over the years, certain brands like EVGA have carved out better reputation due to their better warranty and support.It would not have been a problem if you were buying a new card from the store.Since you are getting a used card online, you should double-check that everything is fine.
  14. thanks for the replies, finally someone who awnsers. i think i might get a gtx 460. anyway thank you
  15. I have that ps with 280's in works great...:)
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