Homebuilt PC with constant BSODs

Hi, I made a pc, and the bsods are just a bit too frequent for me -_-... about 3 times a week. Well, what I've gathered is it's either my video drivers, or something to do with Kernel-Power...or is it Power-Kernel... lol. I have Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, I got the radeon hd 5870. Oldschool NVidia fanboys, the ati drivers have been "fixed"...I think... for a long time now. My processor is the AMD Phenom ii x4 965. I have a XFX 750W 80 plus silver certified semi-modular psu, it might have something to do with the kernel-power, I dunno, well here is how I found out my "theoretical diagnostic"

After the blue screen, windows reported errors with video drivers, I go to administrative tools, and there are errors about kernel-power... also some about video drivers, both leading to blue screens, or as windows said "unexpected shutdowns".

I turned down my overclock on my gpu and it seems to be more stable, I dont know ive only done it for like 4 hours now, btw it passed the stress tests perfectly.

Ill update later if I get another BSOD, but do you have any suggestions? I looked at temps, everything is normal, my gpu is always 30-40 degrees celsius, arund 50 under very high load, up to 70 in stress tests, even before overclock
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  1. Hello Andriko_08;

    What is your AC power supply like in your residence? Reliable? No unusual power brown-outs or fluctuations when neighbors fire up microwaves, hair dryers and the like? Is there a 'same time of day' thing going on with the BSODs?

    Have you double checked to make sure all your power connectors from the PSU to the parts are clean and firmly connected.
    I had a friend having the same issues and we finally tracked it down to a gummy residue on one of the power connectors and he's been BSOD now for months.
  2. gummy residue....lol... nah all my parts were pretty expensive so I took extreme care washing my hands(and dried xD) before I touched anything(with an anti-static wristband). I think I connected everything well =S. Since its kernel-power and the video driver reporting errors, does that mean it could be the power connectors to the videocard?
  3. Bsod's are usually memory or power supply related.

    Do you have the voltage set correctly in bios for your particular memory? Auto doesn't always cut it.

    Uninstall video drivers completely and re-install
  4. Or maybe the Aux power plug for the CPU.
    The residue I was thinking of might have been from the MFGRing or handling before it got to you.
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