AMD Radeon 6850 or nVidia GeForce GTX 460

Hey guys, i need help deciding which would be a better buy considering i've got the following specs-
Samsung 22" FULL HD(1080p) at 60Hz
AMD Phenom(II) X6 1055t
Zebronics PRO 600 PSU
Asus M4N68T-m with nForce 630i
I already own a 9600gt but its hardly enough to play new titles at 50-60fps. So i consider buying one of the following GFX- GTX 460 or Radeon 6850. (Though I fall for nVidia for its PhysX but my PSU with 1 6pin and 1 8pin connector holds me back. Is there anyway i cud connect them as 2 6pin connectors?) Help me choose...
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  1. The cards come with a molex to 6pin so your PSU can handle a GTX 460. I know what i went for, a 460. If you go to ATI i would suggest 6870
  2. Ya, then i get it alright. Infact i can recollect having got one such thing in my 9600gt box(its completely different issue though that i dont know how to fix it.heh!).
    So GTX 460 is the way to go, Radeon i guess is a bit to heavy for my budget.
  3. Quote:
    They perform the same, with the HD6850 consuming less power,
    either way, u could always use ur 9600GT as a physX card.
    It's down to ur brand preferences

    Ya man, but are you trying to suggest that I use that genl software?
    I dunno how to go about it and if it really works?(I've got 260.99 drivers for nVidia).
  4. hello can you explain to me what A PCI 2.1 compliant motherboard with full-height free slot is? how do i tell what pci compliant i have? if its 1.1 or 2.1?
  5. Quote:
    it's just PCi-E revisions.
    to check ur mobo's PCi-E, u'll have to go to the vendors site or read the manual

    well i mean by vendor you mean like emachines? and this is some stuff bout my comp, i jsut wanna know if i have a 2.0 spot or whatever cuz i got 1 pci e x16 spot just duno what 2.0 n stuff is

    ET1641-02w ECS MCP73VT-PM Intel® Celeron® X2 E1400 2.0 GHz
  6. Your 8 pin PCIe power connector should allow you to physically pull two of the leads off to make a 6 pin power connector.


  7. usually that works but sometimes the 6+2 pins will have issues in a 6 pin power port, in my system my computer would not even recognise the card until i hooked the 2 molex to one 6 pin... which was odd i've even used a 450 in a rig using the same psu to test and make sure things were workign btu didn't work for my card which was very odd X.X (my card being an asus 450
  8. Quote:
    Here's a Toms article about it,
    im not really good in turning a full review into one paragraph, so I suggest u read it,2764.html

    Thanks amigo, that article surely clears off some air on the "PhysX" stuff and helps you to make a smarter choice. I greatly appreciate your input. :)
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