ASUS vs AsRock for AMD CPU

Which of these motherboards would be best for the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE and overclocking it?

AsRock 970 Extreme3
Gigabyte GA-970A

The AsRock has the AsRock AXTU (not so sure about this being a good tool or not) and the Gigbyte has AMD OverDrive support. Opinions?
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  1. I have the exact ASRock board for a 960T, running on stock cooling so i havn't OCed it yet, however the ASRock board has a pretty good featureset for the price.+
  2. Gigabyte board for the better voltage regulation circutry. and screw asus axtu/amd overdrive, do some research & overclock using bios settings. will get you a better overclock & allow for much finer control over voltages needed to overclock :D
  3. errr, asrock axtu... where did i get asus from? title perhaps, confusing.
  4. Here's a screenshot of AXTU OC page

    It appears to have everything that the BIOS has in terms of OC
  5. Well close to everything (as far as i can tell, it just doesn't have an option to change Memory frequency)
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