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I still don't know of the problems are stemming from hardware or software. I have an Acer desktop here. The guy who gave it to me to fix said he tried reformatting the PC but something happened to it and it didn't go through. He said he managed to format C drive, but the D drive data is still there. I'm assuming this is the recovery partition.

When i turn it on, I can't get any video. On the monitor, it says no signal. I use a KVM switch so I hooked it up directly to the monitor, same problem. The video port (integrated) on the back seems extremly loose. I opened up the tower to have a lok and it is loose. He said e had problems with video before. If it went in sleep mode it took him forever rebooting to get it back. So..I thought it may be the video card. I tried an older PCI card, same thing. I tried a known GOOD video card. A PCI express card that came out of my beast system... Both gave the same results. Still no video, the no signal message on screen. But when using the video cards and not the integrated... the screen would go into reset mode for a second, then flick back and say no signal. If the system was left on it would do this cycle. The monitor is a known working one. I tried popping out the battery to reset the BIOS - no change. Also, at start up the dvd rom spins as if there is something in it but there isn't. And if you open it up to put a disc in, it opens and then almost immediatly closes.

Could these problems be due to a PSU on the way out? I'm stumped. First before he gave it to me and said he attempted to format it, I thought it may have been a video driver issue. I can't get anywhere with this at all...
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  1. SOlved. It was a bad PSU. Swapped it with a known good working one. A much better one..and it boots up and all. Now I just have to install windows. Thanks anyway for anyone who viewed.
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