Best case for corei3 2100????

hi people....i really need suggestions for heaven sake...! Im buying core i 3 2100 with asus h67 chipset after so much debate over phenom 2 coz im nt gonna overclock!! Having 4gb ram,
1tb harddisk,lcd 17'',corsair-430 cx psu,dvd writer and temporary gt9600 card!!
Now please give me atleast three good budget cool cases to safeguard my system!!! Please i owe u people
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  1. Elite CoolMaster 334 (?)
    Xigmatek Asgard (Very good for Price)
  2. Cpu choice has no bearing on case. Get whatever.

    I always recommend a Antec 300, the best $50 case imo. Not too big, good incuded cooling, nice looks, not gawdy.
  3. Yeah, for a more "entry level" build I always go for Antec cases.
  4. +1 for Antec cases.
  5. do a little more research on overclocking the cpu

    and then buy a 2500k

    My vote is for the Antec 300 too btw
  6. I gotta agree >.< the antec 300 is a great case for the money. Might be getting a bit old by now but damn it's good to build with.
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