9600 gt vs 430 vs 240

guys plz tel wch is better nvidia 240 vs 430 vs 9600gt
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  1. between the three 430 is the lowest. 9600GT and GT240 (GDDR5 ver) are pretty much the same in term of performance but GT240 does not need 6 pin power connector to power the card like 9600GT
  2. A 240GT is a reworked (die shrunk) 9600GSO, but with less power requirements and being much smaller. I would go with the 240GT.
  3. but i read some specs on net that 9600 is better than 240
  4. To go further the 9600gt is fairly rare except for being only on sale on the net in very small numbers. I suggest going for the GT240 as you are getting more raw power of the architecture unlike Fermi which is a under performer due to the nature of the architecture that leaves shaders idle before they can receive or submit their completed data.
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