Question about Upgrades!

Ok I am looking to upgrade my system without spending alot of money.

I currently am running..

Q6600 overclocked to 3ghz
780i xfx motherboard
Acer monitor 1440x900
x2 9800 gtx black editions from XFX

I have noticed that when I run SLI I get no improved performance. I am guessing this is because I am not running a high enough resolution.

My question is.. If I keep running at this resolution should I even bother just upgrading my video card itself or should I go for a new motherboard and CPU instead and keep my video cards.

I use my computer mostly for gaming/graphic design/websites.

I am looking to upgrade my system to run rift.. I do realize my current rig is powerful enough to run it but I like to have a overkill system so I get the highest FPS possible.

I would like to stick under the $600 range to upgrade.
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  1. What resolution are you running at? SLI should be giving you a boost unless the game doesnt support SLI or its CPU limited.
  2. only 1440x900
  3. no replies? I thought id get lots of replies :-(
  4. Its the weekend, there arent many people on, it should pick up on monday.

    What games are you running where its not showing much of a boost, also, are you sure you have SLI enabled everywhere it needs to be? I believe there is a way to get a game to show the SLI logo on boot if its enabled.
  5. Im basically only going to be running Rift atm.. My current system runs it rather well I havent been below 30 fps but I havent been out of the starting zone. So im looking to overkill the game. I may just build an entirely new system and sell the one I have. Im going to put some components together and post them on here for everyone to critique
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