I need tips for my new build..

Hi all :)

Im new to the forums here but i have used the site for some time now...

So lets get started :D

In a few days i will getting a new PC. So past few years i dont fallow how hardware devolept in computer world. So i need little help. First here is the pieces i pickt by myself

(if its hard to see download it and zoom in)

So i dont know if this is good and if everything will fit together? My budget is 800€ or 8000kr as you see the price. So i need you to tell me if this is good and if it will fit all together? Maybe there is something better but for less money?

btw PSU i dont need to buy i have one already its CORSAIR 520w, i think it will be enough to power it?
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  1. yeah it'll be enough to power it, but your PC will be loud.

    also what res do you play at?
    and switch gpu to a 6950 2gb then flash the BIOS to a 6970 2gb
  2. the 520W will be ok, but you wont be able to overclock much.
    From reviews i have seen, the 6950 (bios flashed to 6970) take about 230-250W and with that the processor takes about 150W, and assuming other smaller parts take 50-70W.
    Total is about 450-470W, so i guess it should be fine for the moment.
    Lastly please buy an after market CPU cooler, so that u can overclock the CPU and produce better results ( Cooler Master Hyper 212)
    On the whole your build seems fine

    The 6970 needs a 6 pin and 8 pin connector on the PSU, make sure u have that....
    the 6950 needs a 6 pin and 6 pin connector.
  3. ok guys thanks for the tips :D

    But i want to ask if its better to have INTEL or AMD these days? and witch one is better ATI or NVIDIA?


    HeyImGodly said:
    yeah it'll be enough to power it, but your PC will be loud.

    also what res do you play at?
    and switch gpu to a 6950 2gb then flash the BIOS to a 6970 2gb

    im used to my PC being loud. :)

    Right now it will be 1280x1024...but i will be getting new monitor in a few months
  4. Intel gives best performance, but its expensive
    if you want decent performance and a decent price go for AMD.
    in my opinion there is no point going for a very expensive CPU unless you aren't going to unlock its potential. So if you aren't, go for the cheaper one.
    For the decent price range, go for:
    -Intel i5 760 or 750 or
    -AMD Phenom x4 955 BE
    -AMD Phenom x6 1090T (Both models of AMD are Black editions, so unlocked multipliers for overclocking)

    in my honest opinion, i would go for the phenom x6 1090T because its more future proof, as more and more games this year are coming out which are multi-threaded.
    However you will see that intel i5 benchmarks higher than 1090T, but with time to come i'm pretty sure the 6 cores will come in handy.
    As for Nvidia vs AMD/ATi, its the same story. AMD gives a slightly better specifications for its value, but it depends on the games u want to play, some are coded better for Nvidia and vice versa. AMD takes less power and makes less noise and gives on par performance. Second thing is CUDA, as 50% of the people don't even use CUDA and there are only a hand few of titles that use Physx. So i would like to go for a AMD again.
    I don't want to sound like a fan boy, but everyone has a budget, and it fits my budgets perfectly.
  5. thanks that some useful info :)

    Just one small thing... when im looking at AMD CPU it says (BOXED)...what does that really mean? without cooler or what?
  6. No, they give a stock heat sinks with all new processors.
    it just means what it says, its packed in a box.

    With most processors, once you start to overclock it, it gets hotter and the stock heat sink is not very effective. So i suggest u get a separate heat sink which are not very expensive like Cooler Master Hyper 212 which is for around $30 but it unlocks the power in your processor which is at your disposal.
  7. Yeah ok thanks..

    I dont like to overclock im always happy with what i have so good to know what BOXED means. Thanks :D
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