GTS 450 on Inspiron 530

Hi All,

Will a Nvidia GTS 450 run ok on an inspiron 530 with its original 350w PSU???
Or would I need to upgrade the PSU???
Since I really dont want to upgrade the PSU because I cant get a good one were I am If it wont work should I get the GTS 250 instead??

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  1. or actually what about a GTS 430 instead of the 450 would that be easier on my machine if it doesnt handle the 450???

  2. A 430 is not powerful enough for the effort, if games is your goal.
    This 530 has a quad core ? My e4500 530 has a 300 watt psu.
    The gts 250 uses probably a little more power, than a gts 450, 55nm vs 40nm.
    The next step down is a AMD card, the 5670 , it requires no power connectors and is about 20% less powerful than the slowest gts 450. Its a good compromise, if you don't want to invest in a new psu.

    edit: I just bought a 30 dollar bronze rated 500 watt psu, to put in a dell 530 along with a ATI 4770. I use it for my movie/tv show viewing.
  3. Hi yeah its for playing WOW and SC2 mostly,

    I thought the 430 was better than the 250 guess not, so would the 450 or 250 work on my comp???
    Unfortunately the only place to buy doesnt have the 5670, my other options in my price range they have the 5570 and the 4670, alsogt 240.

    What would you recomend here.

  4. What about the 450 and 250 on the inspiron 530 with my 350 psu would they work without having to upgrade the psu???

  5. how many amps are on the 12v rail? i got a HD5570 working on a dell 250w power supply. how about the HD5750? it has a max power usage of 86w, the gts450 has a max power usage of 106w and performs slightly worse.
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