Garbled from BIOS!

Hello all, many thanks in advance for any replies.

So, a few weeks ago my computer crashed and restarted itself after playing a game. The screen corrupted. However, when it restarted it was garbled from even the bios. Windows does start up but it does not display at the correct resolution and is multicoloured and distorted.

So thinking this was graphics I replaced the card, no change.

So I replaced the motherboard, processor and ram (i was due an upgrade), no change.

I switched the hard drives around (there are 2) so that it attempts to boot from only the 2nd, no change

I checked the monitor with another computer, no difference!

I really do not know what is going wrong. The only thing I can think is that it really is the screen as I had to try it on the VGA connection rather than the DVI connection which I have to use on my computer.

Can anyone think of anything else it could be? The only other component to replace is the PSU!

Many thanks

ignore the error messages, it's always done that...
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  1. If windows boots ok idon't think it's the psu, try the system on a different screen and see if it still happens.
  2. The OP Stated, "Windows does start up but it does not display at the correct resolution and is multicoloured and distorted." So Windows doesn't work right.

    If you put a new video card in, you may need to uninstall the old Video Card drivers. Then install the new drivers after running Driver Sweeper or something similar. This will ensure the video drivers are installed right. This could help with Windows being messed up.

    However, if the POST screen is garbled, then drivers are NOT the problem. The POST screen shows up long before the PC loads anything into memory.

    Based on the fact that you've replaced everything else. You either have a PSU problem or a bad monitor. Were it a PSU problem, I'd bet you'd have stability issues causing crashes as well.

    I'm confused about your reference to VGA and DVI. You had to use the VGA connection because the DVI was being used on your computer??? Does this mean you're trying to display all this on a TV? That can open a whole different can of worms when it comes to image distortion.

    EDIT: I looked at your screenshot. Looks like a Samsung monitor as opposed to a TV. Correct me if I'm wrong though, case hooking up to TVs can be tricky. The error message that's showing up on your screen, is that normal? Or did that happen recently too? It appears that file is for an Apple Mobile device program. That ultimately means the garble that you're seeing is actually a hypnotic beam being emitted to convince you to buy more Apple products.
  3. Ha,

    Yep the error message has been appearing for ages when it was booting normally.

    Yes, the POST screen looks horrendous too.

    I am using DVI from my graphics card as there is only DVI out. The Samsung monitor has DVI in and VGA in. I think when I tried it last time I just connected a VGA from another computer.

    I'm going to try tomorrow to connect the monitor via DVI to another computer so will post a result.

    Many thanks
  4. Good luck. Hopefully we can help you figure out the problem. At least if it is your monitor, you can get pretty nice 1080p setups for fairly inexpensive these days.
  5. So I took the monitor and checked on several computers using both the DVI and VGA inputs and it seemed to work OK.

    I assumed it must be PSU so went and bought a replacement. Plug that in and it doesn't even power on. I'm using a 500w and is fairly similar to the last one.

    I have replaced everything in this thing and am still no better off...
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