How much can a 600watt rosewill psu handle?

i just got new motherboard gigabyte s series p43tes3g 1 tb 7200 seagate hd ,8 gb ram, intell8700 quad core 2.66 cpu, with 8800 gts nevidea card and ofc 600w rosewill

im wondering if any1 got any idea why my computer wont turn onn i figured my power suppply would work!!

im wondering if any1 got PSU site of information on systems psu's can handle!!
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    A 600 Watts PSU of a good brand will be sufficient for the hardware that you listed. I prefer Corsair PSUs.

    Here is a PSU calculator:
    And another one:

    Some good guides here:
  2. Hmm, not sure on the quality of Rosewill, i think its a US make only, but just as a general rule always get a good quality psu anything listed by Ubrales is good.
  3. the problem is i did go on those site and put my information in for psu and im using 350wats tells me to get like 500wats ... i have a 600watt loll why is it not working...?
    and i guys gona say u blew ur psu im gona ask how the hell do u do that...

    seems like its hooked up wrong... not aure
    my montor geting powerthro mb
    so isnt my speakers when i turn them on ..
    but wont turn pc on
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  5. Thank you! Go with Corsair, not Rosewill.
  6. my keyboard isnt lighting up but my montor will do its power thing and then when i mess with pc stuff it wont do it then it does its weird.... i just replaced my motherboard my psu was working ...i just dont get why it would be a psu it was working like week ago but i was geting no beeps which means mb fryed
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