Is it my power supply again?

This is power supply #3. First two went kaput with a loud pop.

This time, however, I don't know what happend & didn't hear anything as I was sleeping at the time.

Anyways, the computer will not turn on. No lights are coming on, nor are the fans. I even tried to hold the power button down, but no luck. I checked the cables outside the computer to make sure none were lose. Haven't checked the cables inside yet, but doubt that will be the case.

At 1pm, I went to bed, leaving the computer on, it normally goes into Sleep or Hibirnation mode (not sure which) and I just hit a key on my keyboard to bring it back on. This time it didn't happen and the power light wasn't blinking like it normally does.

Any suggestions?

Power Supply: OCZ SteathXStream II 700w PSU
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  1. im having simular problem my pc wont turn on either and i got 600w psu im not understanding why... im gona get 1000w psu this time
  2. Anyone?
  3. Have you tried shutting the PSU of on the switch or by unplugging it?
  4. do the paperclip test..

    make sure your wearing rubber gloves unlike the idiots in the vids.
  5. @rolli59
    Yes, I've done both to no avail.

    No, haven't done that and I don't have rubber gloves
  6. The following was posted in my other thread asking about upgrading my PSU, but seemed more relevant here.

    Uther39 said:
    3 PSU Fried hey ? there has to be a common problem here, such as a bad pc build, maybe some kind of short to earth, or even your ring main is providing a very dirty current (Undulating, over volting, under volting) do the lights in your house often dim and then go bright again ?

    We've had some bad storms past week or so. So the lights did flicker during that time.

    NOt sure if it's a bad PC Build, unless 3 systems were all bad builds. Build 1 (oldest system) was the first one. 2-3 months later, the PSU when into Build 2.

    Build 2: PSU died after about a year of use

    Build 3 (current) PSU died after 2-3 months use.

    Last time I asked about my PSU, what you said about dirty current came up there as well, so that may be the cause. Lights don't normally dim/brighten up frequently, usually doing bad heavy rainstorms when the electric sometimes goes out for not even a full second

    As I don't have a working computer at home, I can only use one while at work. I have another 1.5 hours left to read/reply to suggestions, until I come back into work tomorrow.
  7. OK i found you, good that you moved my comment to here, as it is more relevant here, as to your problem, so 3 different PSUs on 3 Different PCs, always look for the common denominator, in this case the only thing in common all 3 systems have is that they ( i Assume) were all plugged into the same ring main in the same house, which says to me dirty power, which unless you get your electric company to come out and change your sub station then theres not alot you can do, where abouts do you live ?
  8. yep. get a surge protector for your socket.

    but do the paperclip test just to make sure the psu is dead. if it works then your looking at other dead components.
  9. The Video Card is also common in both cases. Sorry, I posted before I thought about it, the PSU and GPU are common in both builds where the PSU fried 3 times.

    The first one that I mention was a very old build, still have it, and it runs on the same Surge Protector that this one is on (I haven't ran the old one in awhile as I can't seem to get it to connect to network for my newer PC to connect to it).

    Here's how the builds went.

    Build 1: Ordered Dell Inspirion 531s
    ...Upgraded GPU, PSU & Case
    ...HD Crashed, replced with dual 5400 western digital HDs
    Build 1:
    PSU Died at almost 1 year
    ...PSU exchange from OCZ SealthXStream (Not II) 600W to 700w
    Build 1: PSU Died just before I ordered new parts.
    ...PSU exchanged to OCZ StealthXStream II 700w
    Build 2: Upgraded Mobo,CPU,RAM ... Used old components from above, no original Dell parts at this point.
    Build 2: PSU Died again...this is where I am now

    EDIT: if the above doesn't make sense, let me know.

    EDIT2: at time of this edit, I have 50 minutes left for ya'll to tell me any trouble shooting steps, etc to try when I get home and report results when I get back to work tomorrow, I start work at 2200 US Central Time
  10. (1) Surge protector - No Help. Does not protect from flucuating AC, Does not protect from small spikes on ac line. (they trigger gernerally on High spikes lasting a given duration). Only way to check for small spicks is with an O'scope - EXPENSIVE test equipment.
    (2) To check loading, plug a vacumn cleaner in and power on. Do Ligths dim/brighten up - NEED old fashion filiment bulb as Florescent do not show this.

    (3) My guess is houshold AC. (Below is for US)
    .. (a) Verify AC is wired correctly at outlet: Requires a Multimeter, or an AC tester.
    .......(1) Measure the two Flat "holes = 120 VAC +/- 5V
    .......(2) Measure the right Flat hole to the round Hole = 120 VAC
    .......(3) Measure Left Flat hole to round hole = 0 VAC
    (3) Turn house circuit breaker (or remove fuse) at Breaker panel. Test that power is OFF by either using the voltmeter (all readings = 0 VAC) or plugging a lamp in and verify that it does not come on. Then and ONLY then.
    ...(a) remove face plate.
    ...(b) remove screws bolding the box in and pull box out.
    ...(c) inspect the wires where they attach to the outlet, verify that they are tight and that there is no sign of arcing.
    ...(d) DO THIS ANYWAY -Since you are at this point - REPLACE the AC outlet ($2 -> $3 at Lowes, Home depot, or walmart).
    The contacts inside the outlet could be loose, or oxidized. This is common in old outlets. I've had to replace several in my house. My Son's wife replaced all the outlets in her home.
    (4) Get a UPS, But make sure it has a regulated output, Not one that just switches to Battery and only on battery has a regulated output. - More expensive than the more common ones.

    Added: for checking AC outlet will work on other countries, just need to confirm which is Hot, Common, and ground.
  11. Hmm power supplies going up like popcorn ,,, methinks that you have a short somewhere in your system or are on a bad line maybe time to consider a UPS , BTW I have 2 OCZ 600w Stealth X Stream psu's , the original and II and both working just fine, you do not say but it sounds like you might live in a rural area??,therefore you can expect power surges from time to time....:)
  12. I live in Tahlequah,OK. It's the Cherokee Indian Nation capital city. It's also home to Northeastern Univeristy. It's a growing city and has been since I moved here some 5-6 years ago.

    Here what I don't get, why is the only PSU popping the OCZ one? I have a very old computer, running on a generic PSU, and it's still running fine, it's plugged into the same surge protector as the OCZ one. That being said, that machine has been off while I was on the new one due to the fact that the new one could not see the old one on the network, couldn't figure out why as several days before it stopped finding it it could. The first time it popped, both machines were running.

    So, why would it kill 1 PSU and not another?

    Ijust remembered what else I wanted to post. Since at work I got distracted and forgot.

    Anyways, I live in an apartment, I don't think I'll be able to do what RetiredChief recommends.
  13. A stab in the dark. Newer, better, PSU (last several years) have included a PFC (Power Factor correction) circuitry.Basiclly this is a circuit that brings the Current and voltage to a unity Phase relationship. This could be more susceptible to failure with input AC power problems - Just a guess because I have not looked into.
  14. They are upgrading me from the StealthXStream to the ModXStream 700w & paying for shipping since the last failure happened a month or two ago.

    Is there any equipment that can help me out and as to not cause this again?
  15. a decent surge protector for your wall socket.

    Is what I have now, bought it with my new Mobo,CPU,RAM. PSU Still died.
  17. HEXiT said:

    make sure your wearing rubber gloves unlike the idiots in the vids.

    You do not need rubber gloves. Assuming you get the right pins, the green wire and one of the adjacent blacks, there's no danger.

    You are starting the PSU by momentarily grounding the control wire. It has 5 volts on it. When you short it to ground, 2 milliamps (.002 amps) to 5 milliamps (.005 amps) flow through it to ground. You will not feel a thing.

    Hey, I was curious one day so I measured three of my PSU's.
  18. ^ and 5 v through Body = or less than 50 microamps. Highest volt in computer external to PSU is 12 Volts, unless you touch it with your tongue you will never notice it. Rubber gloves may prevent transfering germs to the computer - somehow don't think that is a problem.

    If you have a problem with your house AC,a surge protector will do very little. In can NOT correct a ground problem, It dose absolutly nothing for Dips in voltage, or increases that are less than the trigger point.

    Need to verify your AC outlet is correct - This is a safty concern, not just protecting a computer. If AC outlet OK, then get a UPS.
  19. jsc said:
    You do not need rubber gloves. Assuming you get the right pins, the green wire and one of the adjacent blacks, there's no danger.

    You are starting the PSU by momentarily grounding the control wire. It has 5 volts on it. When you short it to ground, 2 milliamps (.002 amps) to 5 milliamps (.005 amps) flow through it to ground. You will not feel a thing.

    Hey, I was curious one day so I measured three of my PSU's.

    you guys are forgetting its a potentially failed psu so there may be more ampage than normal flowing in the circuit. safety first and all that ;)
    on 1 of the youtube clips the idiot pulled the paperclip out and got a shock. thus the recommendation to wear gloves...
    dont ask me how but it did look like he felt it.
  20. He probably got Hit from his own static build-up. Some people (very few) can feel a nine volt battery.

    It is not the amps in an external circuit that you can feel, it's the voltage that is pushing current thru you.
    I use to demonstrate this to students. Had a circuit that used a AC xformer to step 120 VC down to 14 VAC this allowed 35 Amps to a lamp (6 million CP). I would put my two fingers across the 14 VAC - all the cuurent was going thru the lamp, disconnected the lamp and retouched the AC - NO longer have 35 Amps, current now = 14 V / 100 Kohm = 140 microamps!
    Look how many touch the +12 V of a car and never know it - and that is capable of 200->300 Amps.
  21. How can I go about testing my AC Power?

    I'd rather not ask my landlord to do it as they tried to change me $45 to change the lock on my mailbox because the lock broke so they may end up charging me for them to test.

    If it's something someone with no electrical training can do, please let me know what I need & what to do and I'll give it a shock...I mean shot.
  22. Currently "out of stock" at newegg" but gives you the How.
    Probably have similar at Walmart.
    Not this will not check oxidation, but plugging and unplugging tends to remove oxidation on the inside proongs.
  23. *UPDATE*
    Remember how I said my "OLD" PSU was still ticking. I as assuming based on the other times the new OCZ PSUs died. Today I just tried to turn it on, and it is dead too. So what ever happened killed 1 PSU that was on, 1 PSU that was off, but plugged in. No other electronic, from what I can tell, is effected.

    As I was typing that, I heard something from the old old old PSU that wasn't plugged in but sitting in my closet. I heard something similiar with the OCZ that went out. Related?
  24. well in my case my plug output is working andd pluged into my psu (not atm) im not doing paper clip test mostely cuz iv never have nor dont really now wut to do...

    just put new mothereboard in gigbyte s series gap43tes3g with quad core 2.66, 8 gb ram 8800 gts 320mb 1tb 7200 seagate with 600psu(just buyed 1000w psu) im sure i got all the frount panels and pwr led units hooked right and iv never had it running senece my other mebo fryed...
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