Please help

Hello everyone......
Please if aynone can help to solve following problem....-i had game one my pc Need for speed most was all i try to install another game...installed...when i started up it cut off ond next window appear..¬your computer does not have graphic accelerator¬..
I don`t know what is that mean and how to solve it...
please help
Thanks in advance
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  1. Just download the latest drivers for your graphics card.

    Download this software: and tell me what it shows, I'll find the driver for you
  2. thanks for reply......i did all as you next information come up:
    Name-NVIDIA GeForce GT220
    GPU - GT216
    TECHNOLOGY -40nm
    release date - oct12,2009
    BIOS Version 70.16.3C.00.07
    Driver Version - nvlddmkm8.16.11.9111(ForceWare 191.11)/Win7

    P.S.there is a lot more other information i am not sure what you need exactly...
    please let me know if anything else i can provide..
    thanks in advance
  3. Uninstall the nvidia driver from Add/Remove programs, reboot then download and install the newest drivers from here:
  4. Thank you again for all this help...i`ve done all like wrote....try to start the game- the same message appear..
  5. You should reinstall the game after all that before trying to run it
  6. What's the other game that won't run ? And did you try others ?
  7. yes i reinstalled game but still the same....
    don`t worry i will skipped this game as other ok,,,only this with error...perhaps game software errer...
    Thanks a lot...
  8. the other game called Hard track2 Rig&roll......all other game looks fine(I have not a lot of them)
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