Final Build. Double checking.

Hi, this is my final build for my first ever built and I'm just checking to make sure these parts will all work together. (CD Drive) (Hard Drive) (Graphics card, already have it) (Power supply) - I think this power supply doesn't come with a power cable. Anyone know where I can get one? (RAM) (Processor, already have it)

And lastly, (MOBO, will be ordering when the new ones with the fix comes)

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  1. I think this is what your looking for.

    Also have you used that graphics card before? If you have do you know what kind of temperatures it runs at under load? Everything i have heard about that card is that it runs fairly hot, so you should keep that in mind. Also have you considered a solid state hard drive? you can pick up a 60gb OCZ vertex (my preference) for $119 here:
    This would be used to run your operating system and any main programs that you use. And the HDD you picked could be used as a storage device. Just a thought.
  2. Can you please post the names of the parts so I don't have to go on a clickquest to answer, thanks.

    I would suggest buying everything together when the SB is re-released, then if something doesn't work right you can RMA only thing I would purchase now would be the case (btw can't figure out which one you linked to)

    Are you sure the psu doesn't come with a power cable, most do
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