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I recently custom a computer/desktop. I format my old hard drive and tried to install window 7 ultimate. I get an message that say that select a driver to be installed. Can anyone help me at what am i suppose to do.

motherboard: z68-ud3h-b3
ram: 8 gb
processor: i7 2600k unlocked.
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  1. If you are having issues with installing windows, go into your bios and change your sata setting from achi to "native ide" and see if windows 7 will work. You won't get trim support, but can try switching to "achi" mode after installing windows using this procedure:
  2. tried it already does not work....thanks though
  3. I've used maxblast 5.0 to prep nearly all my drives or to clone the old one. You might try it if you have no data to save. It works great if one of the drives is seagate or maxtor. You may also want to disable any floppy options in the bios. They seem to interefere with the installation process on some systems. And what are the options for "select a driver to be installed"?
  4. i format my hard drive so i have no options other than window 7 cd and a cd that came with the motherboard.
  5. Install the motherboard cd when you get the "select a driver to be installed" message and let windows search it. Might have the driver you need.
  6. i have also tried that but it say the same thing
  7. What is your hardrive? Make and model? I still recommend a hardrive software program to prep your drive. All the major brands have free software for this.
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