PSU for my system

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a PSU for my system and i need some advice cause im lost :)

My rig:

Asus P8P67
iCore5 2500
Sapphire 6870 Vapor-x
Optical drive
G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 PC3-12800 8GB 2x4GB CL8
Seagate Barracuda - 1 TB S-ATA II

I guess i will need something between 500W and 600W but im not sure.

I've found two i like and are easy available for me here in Spain.

ocz modxstream pro 700w ( or 600W )
Corsair h650x

Thing is the first one is 20 euros cheaper. Does Corsair worth this overprice of 20 euros?
I'm also concerned about noise. But reliability is what im looking for.

Throw me some light please.

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  1. If you can afford it, the Corsair is worth the difference.
  2. In noise, I don't believe you'll find an appreciable difference between almost any PSUs. Your processor heatsink and graphics card fan will each be much louder.
    Corsair is said to be very reliable, and I've had no problems with my TX series.
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