My new ram is not working

Hi everyone!!
I just bought a 2gb ddr3 ram for my hp mini 210. I had a 1gb ddr3 one. I plugged it in but when i started my computer it wouldnt show nothing on screen(the computer was on because the led lights of the touch panel for example were on,but the screen it was black like it was off power). I took it out and installed my previous ram and it worked just fine. I did many times this operation and always the same result. What is my problem? Thank you
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  1. first remove out the old one ram and put new if no success try with different slots.
  2. i already did that,because hp mini 210 is a single slotted netbook!
  3. is memory same frequency as old memory eg 1066/1333 mhz?
  4. yes men . it's 8500 actually,but works with 10600. I actually scanned my netbook on and it showed me 3 compatible ram stick. i chose one of them ://
  5. have you set frequency to 1066?
  6. in bios?
  7. yes
  8. i didnt.. let me try it man :)
  9. look forward to result!
  10. thank you,tou were much helpful to me,but the bios of my mini doesn't have anything like that :/
  11. sorry couldn't help further
  12. :))))
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