Core i7-860 with 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz, Cant Handle Dreamweaver?

Alright so here is my rig:

Core i7-860 @ 2.8Ghz
8GB DDR3 G-Skill RipJaws @ 1600Mhz
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Edition
Intel DP55WB
1TB Caviar Black
Antec 300 with a OCZ 700w PSU

I installed Dreamweaver for school and anytime I run it the CPU and RAM both jump up over 75% usage! Usally when Iam playing BLUR on High, while watching a 1080P Video, surfing about 8 tabs on the internet, the CPU load is at 30% but when I have only 1 tab in chrome and Dreamweaver open, it jumps to 70%+ in CPU and ram sits at 10% but once I open a recent project or a new project, the ram jumps to 70%+ too. I just dont get it. Dreamweaver is super SLOW and I cant even use my computer when running it.

Iam running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Dreamweaver 7 did not even open so I updated to 8 and that is what Iam running. I tried wiping my PC and doing a fresh install but that did not work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is my PC too slow to run Dreamweaver?
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  1. Don't use Pirated dreamweaver.
  2. The PC should be able to handle Dreamweaver just fine. If it's pirated your PC just got owned. If it's a legit copy contact support as the software shouldn't use that much.
  3. Dreamweaver 7 would be from CS1 i believe, my CS3 has Dreamweaver 9. Since its really just a glorified text editor it should be able to run on that system just fine, whats likely the problem is bridge or something in the background, or if you pirated, yeah thats a whole different set of issues.

    Check in task manager to see if dreamweaver really is usually all your resources, if it is then you got a bad copy of it and you might as well switch to notepad++, its pretty similar.
  4. daship said:
    Don't use Pirated dreamweaver.

    its not a pirated copy but a legit one that my school gave me.
  5. a quick google search gave me many issues with dw7 and 8 with vista/7. so it seems to be a compatibility problem. why might i ask is your school using such an old version?

    btw your pc is an overkill for dw
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