Tagan 480W U-01 and athlon 64 II x4 based system

Hi, I'm thinking of ugrading my processor to an Athlon 64 II X4. I currently have an K8N Neo2 Platinum socket 939 board, 2 gig of OCZ Platinum PC3200 DDR400 RAM, a Lian Li V1000 ATX case, an AMD Athlon 64 3000 processor, 2 Sata 1 hard drives and a TAGAN TG380-U01 380W power supply. All this stuff is from around 2005.

I'm thinking of upgrading my board to a MSI 870A-G54.

Has anybody got any experience with using either the Tagan I currently have with an X4 processor, or the 480W? Is the Tagan even compatable with an X4 and will it be enough voltage wise (I don't plan to overclock).


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  1. Voltages are all standard. All current desktop power supplies are of the ATX standard encompassing size, voltages and connectors. There should be no compatibilities with any power supply ever today, with the sole exception of a power supply not being able to supply enough current that the components will draw. Unless you have a dedicated video card, 300W-400W is usually enough.

    Anyway, on to everything else. A few issues.

    First, you've already noticed you need a new motherboard. But you also need new ram. Your current ram is DDR and will not be compatible with your new motherboard that uses DDR3.

    Second, there is no such thing as an Athlon 64 II x4. Did you mean the Athlon II x4? Identical to the Phenom II x4 with the exception of the L3 cache, it has a lower power consumption and TDP than the phenom II x4. Note that while you are looking, the "Phenom IIx4 840" is actually an Athlon IIx4, if we are to take what I said to heart.

    If you do have a dedicated video card and it is AGP, you will not be able to use it in your new motherboard.

    Other than that, everything looks good to me.
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