Ethernet Port working/not working?

The computer in question is running XP SP3 and is at my church. We had a lightning storm and the printer and DSL stopped working. Could not get a DSL light on so the ISP replaced the modem, got the DSL indicators on, but still no connection (no light on for ethernet connection).
So I took my laptop and plugged the DSL modem ethernet cable in the laptop and I got a light on the ethernet connection and connected to the internet, so I ruled out the modem or ethernet cable being a problem. So I did the following on the ethernet port (integrated on the motherboard, not a PCI card):
1. pinged and got a response
2. deleted the controller and re-booted, still the same
3. did an ipconfig/all and get a "media disconnected" message
4. the controller shows up in the device manager as working properly
5. tried pinging microsoft and yahoo, can't resolve a DNS

I'm still getting a "network cable disconnected" error every time. Is it possible that the controller is partially functioning or if it got hit, would none of it be working? The computer is running fine, but I'm afraid the lighting got just enough of some parts to affect their performance?

Any ideas.
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  1. I've seen this happen all the time. Just install a PCI NIC.
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