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Hey guys! I have just bought a second 5770, and I put it in(installed drivers, and all that nice stuff), turned a game on(bad co 2, and Sins of a Solar empire), and saw no FPS difference... soo, I went into Catalyst Control panel, and under CrossfireX I went to Diagnostics, annnd it said the bridge wasn't connected.... well it was.... That is the pciture of what it says exactly...

But so I powered off, reconnected the birdge, back on, says the same thing.... power off again, move the bridge to the other Crossfire bridge connector, says the same thing....

Any suggestions on what to do?
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  1. Maybe try 2 bridges
  2. Only have one... my MOBO only supports 2 way Crossfire/SLI...
  3. You can always tell by running a benchmark, like 3dmark06. Run it checked and unchecked and you will see a difference
  4. Atotalnoob said:
    Only have one... my MOBO only supports 2 way Crossfire/SLI...

    Right but each card should come with bridges no ?
  5. You really only need one but if your having problems try 2
  6. The cards didn't come with one, my mobo came with one.... Each card has 2 bridge conectors, I've tried both...
  7. link your GPUs it says on the CCC you posted both bridge interconnection must be bridged you might need a second bridge>
  8. Check the connectors for any damage and corrosion on the bridge. Spare crossfire bridges run about $10 us. Also try a different finger on each card and perhaps one card might not have a good signal across the bridge. It works the same way as sli but I don't know the specs and valid information is hard to come by but any bad signal would force frame data to be broadcast over the pci-e bus instead (slow as cold molasses) or in your case to not function at all. Any physical defects will lead to electrical defects even if they are not visible.
  9. ahhh-ha I found what is wrong, but not how to fix it.... I went to (In CCC) Information, then hardware, and it says "primary adapter" then after the info, "disable adapter"....

    I checked Device manager, it says it is fine....? I disabled, then enabled..... still the same...

    I am going to try re-seating the bridge, then re-installing drivers....
  10. Try the other fingers on the cards once you are done with the driver and only use the other card during the process. Then once done put in the known to be flawless card to see if you can get crossfire working. It should work unless there is a defect. If not luck then try a different driver (ughhh).
  11. *makes face* I don't really want to pull my GPUS out.... I tried disabling the said "good" GPU and rebooting, drivers, ect.... It shows up as the ultra low res, "no driver installed" windows... =/ I shot an e-mail to ATI and Powercolour... (and cited this thread[so be on your best behavior! =p])

    Unless that is the LAST POSSIBLE thing to do, I'm not pulling my GPUs...... (a good thing is I have like 4 second shutdown + 20 second (including 10 second BIOS/POST) boot...)
  12. Good riddance, I am impressed how lazy my generation has gotten. -.-

    What is so difficult about removing one card and putting the other in the top slot?

    I have a lot of experience under my belt when it comes to cards and a collector. Is 30-45 seconds a lot of time? Most people spend much more than that while waiting at a Red light or stop sign till traffic clears up.
  13. lol.... I have ONE hand (long story)
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