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Gtx470 sli power requirements

hi people....just wanted to no what system power i would need to run gtx470's in sli....i have a silverstone zeus 850 watt but not sure if that will be enough to cut it..
any suggestions ?
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    You should be fine with that PSU:

    "GeForce GTX 470
    On your average system the card requires you to have a 550 Watt power supply unit. We recommend at least 35 Amps in total available on the +12 volts rails (accumulated). A second card requires you to add another 250 Watts. You need a 850+ Watt power supply unit if you use it in a high-end system (1 KiloWatt recommended). That power supply needs to have (in total accumulated) at least 55 to 60 Amps available on the +12 volt rails."
  2. A modern, high-quality 850W psu would be enough to run 2x470. The issue is whether that Silverstone can deliver what it claims, and for how long.

    I can't find a review of your specific unit, but the zeus 1200W was well received (other than taking a ding for low efficiency). A couple of Silverstone 850Ws have been "OK'd", but not all.

    Bottom line: IMO, it is certainly worth trying.
  3. awesome thanks guys for your help....i shall look into it...cheers :)
  4. Silverstone makes quality products. Cheers!
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