HIS 5670 try to setup 3 monitors

I got my His 5670 1G with DVI+HDMI+DP
OS: Win7 32 bit.

Try to setup 3 ASUS 19" monitors, problem was only two of them can work at the same time (all 3 is functional)
Able to set group and use any two out of three.(able to run games Dual monitor) just like the video show


PS. the computer able to see all three monitor connected.

Please, can someone help me on this?
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  1. How are your monitors (type of connection) physically connected to the GPU? Are you using any adapters to convert the connections? If so, is you display port adapter an active or passive adapter?

    Last (for now), what version of Catalyst are you using?
  2. ALL three monitors used DVI, I used a HDMI to DVI and DP to DVI
  3. The newest CCC
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    hiboli said:
    ALL three monitors used DVI, I used a HDMI to DVI and DP to DVI

    Like this?
    Computer DVI to Monitor DVI
    Computer HDMI to Monitor DVI
    Computer DP to Monitor DVI

    Also, did you use the DP adapter that came with your GPU or an active one like this?

    For Eyefinity to work (for 3 monitors), you need an active DP connection, not passive (like those adapters generally shipped with GPUs).

    Good luck!
  5. That's one of my question, cuz i am not sure about my DP connection.
    but it's able to play game in two monitors.
    does that mean that connection works?
  6. Your connection works, but to use Eyefinity for 3 monitors you need to have an active adapter (it is a timing issue) for it to work.
  7. thanks everyone, problem solve. I got a active DP from newegg
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