Need advanced help installing WinXP!

Hi, my 75GXP just crashed on me, and I now have a 80gb Seagate... However, I'm having trouble installing XP on it. The thing is, I'm installing on a blank HD and I have a SCSI CD-ROM! How do I go about getting DOS to recognize the CD-ROM, so that I can install it after I use the bootdisk? I'm using a win98se bootdisk, is that OK?

I've partitioned (1 partition) and formatted the harddrive and copied system files onto it. How do I get the CD to work?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Is your SCSI system capable of booting to the Cd-Rom? The XP disk is bootable. You should be able to just change your boot order to ensure the SCSI device is before the hard drive, and you should be ok. You may need to change something in your SCSI card's BIOS.
  2. Hi, yeah I just figured that out... However, when I finish installing XP, it just keeps restarting and restarting and restarting... ARGH!
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