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Upgrading Graphics Card & CPU

Hey guys, I was looking for a new graphics card and CPU. My current computer which is a year old, is a Acer Aspire X1800 w/ a C2D E5400 and a Radeon 4550, it's also a SFF PC. I wanted to upgrade my current system to an E7500, and a low profile 5670 or a GT 430, but my PSU has 220W and it's manufactured by Delta Electronics Inc. I'm wondering if I do upgrade that my PSU will be able to support these components. I'm currently using a 1440 x 900 VGA Monitor.

I was thinking either a GIGABYTE GeForce GT 430 or a MSI Radeon HD 5670 or a MSI GeForce GT 430

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  1. You should go with the 5670...i read some benchmark reviews and in every game the 5670 outperformed the gt430 at about 20+ FPS.I would get a 300-350watt just to be safe.
    What types of games are you playing or trying to play?
    How much ram do you have?
    What is your Budget?
  2. I'm planning to play TF2, CSS, WoW, and GW2 when it comes out
    4GB of DDR2 RAM
    $120 max

    My PSU is this, so I think it would be kind of hard to replace.
  3. The 5670 will play TF2,CSS,Wow with no problem on max settings...What is GW2?(gears of war?)
    You can find a 5670 for around $80.

    As for your PSU,i'm not sure about this, but i do think it is a quality one i think with all of it together it is near the max your PSU can handle.You should get some other opinions about your PSU it might work/it might not.
    If you wanted to buy a new one i would suggest this one.
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    Without replacing your PSU you can go with a Radeon 5570. As for the PSU it looks like you have a TFX which would limit you to these PSUs

    Of those I would say the FSP is the best option

    The last one on the list, the "Athena Power" is basically a no name brand so that's way overpriced and I wouldn't use it. Anyway, if you want to upgrade your CPU and get a 5670 you will need that 300W PSU but keep in mind you will be stressing it a bit so it won't have a long life. You're better off just saving to build a proper ATX, or at least mATX, gaming PC.
  5. Okay thanks for the replies, I'll probably buy a new PSU for the time being, thanks again guys!
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