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I have a problem with my Acer Aspire 5920G laptop.
Recently, the laptop crashed during a program, where sound and image stuck (blurred image with colors). The only way to put my laptop off was to press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

If I wanted to boot again,the light in the power button lights up, i hear fans running and the control lights blink in the beginning sometimes.
But the screen stays black and dark. Nothing to see, no backlight, no flashes, no-acer startup screen, no blinking cursor ...
When I press the power button now one time, the laptop is immediately turned off (so i think Windows does not start up).

If I try to boot with an Ubuntu live CD, i hear the CD-ROM drive turning, and the laptop seems to end up somewhere in a menu, but the screen does nothing.
When I press the power button now one time, the laptop keeps running. To turn off i have to press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

I tried to boot with an external screen (once with a VGA connection, once with an HDMI connection), but this makes no difference.

I have disconnected power and battery and pressed and holded the power button for 45 seconds (to reset bios). It does not matter.

I have changed the RAM from position (the other slot). It makes no difference.

The screen shows nothing (at any time), not even a backlight.

Does anyone know a possible cause of this?
- Is the screen broken?
- Is the graphics card broken?
- Is this another known issue?

What can I do to detect and solve (eventually) this problem, without sending it directly to the Acer repair service.
Maybe some simple checks of a checklist in order to exclude somethings.

Can someone help me?
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  1. I do not have very good news for you since your graphics card is a NVIDIA 8600M. They are known to have solder problems and with what you are describing it sounds exactly like its the chip.

    Here is an older article explaining the issue --

    There was a class action lawsuit, but from this article it does not look acer was part of it ---

    Sorry for the news hope some of this can lead you in the right direction.

    Before you give up hope just an FYI.

    I have been successful with re-flowing the gpu. Basically you decon. the notebook, get and heat gun and apply heat to the gpu for about 20 - 30 seconds. Some times it works some times it does not.
  2. Yesterday i removed the graphics card, and booted.
    Result: after 5 sec backlight of screen lighted up and stayed on. Nothing else happened. So i have only a gray screen.

    If only the graphics card is broken, is it normal that windows don't start up? I was thinking it should.
  3. =) yep, If you remove the Ghx card you don't have anything to provide video so nothing will display. I know on the HP's with this issue, the bad ghx card will not let the machine boot into windows.
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