How to activate the my new added 4gig ram

i got 32bit with window 7 os and a i3 processor,,i recently added 4gig ram,,my question is ,,how to activate my added 4gig ram,,instead of using the old 2gig ram from my laptop,,pls reply
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  1. With a 32 bit OS you are only going to see about 3.5 GB of RAM. This is because a 32 bit OS can only address 4 GB of RAM total. So the video card and other items us eup some of the addressing.
  2. Just replace 2gig ram with 4 gig ram in your laptop or use another slot if there is available. Install 64bit win7 and you can use more than 4gig ram. 32bit os supports upto 3.5gig ram.
  3. Whats the laptop model?
  4. Your laptop may not accept 4GB in 1 slot, if that's what u doing.

    Post the RAM link too : )
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