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Sorry if this is the wrong place.I purchased a power supply from newegg.It was for a Sandy Bridge build but now won't happen.Anyway I need a bigger PSU for the new build. Anyone ever exchanged something at newegg. Idon't even have it yet (snow delay)
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  1. I have over 30 Purchase Orders processed by Newegg. Only one return for a defective product! I am fully satisfied with Newegg's policies. More information here:

    Keep in mind the re-stocking fee. Many retailers have this fee for returned products.
  2. You don't even need to exchange nothing. Tell your family to reject the delivery and file a refund at your newegg account. For details, log onto your account, click help, live chat. The rep can also file a refund on your behalf.
  3. Often, UPS packages are delivered at the door and no signature is necessary. The driver rings the bell, and before I can get to the door, he is gone.
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