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Dvi-i and Dvi-D and Vga

Hi guys ,

im really confused of this problem and i need a solution quick.ok let me tell the problem . i have bought a gts 250 nvidia 1gb gddr3 gfx card and i have a vga moniter and it has no dvi out puts . But the gfx card has Dvi-i outputs and when i use Dvi-D to Vga converter to connect moniter and gfx card it says no signal . My question is if i use Dvi-i to vga converter will it work ? Will Dva-D Work With Dvi-i ? Please help this im really confused and spent a lot on this card.
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  1. You need a DVI-I to VGA adapter or cable. DVI-D does not have the analog signal component that DVI-I does.
  2. I have a DVI-I to VGA converter and it works perfectly. As ko888 mentioned, DVI-D only does digital:
  3. hmm so Dvi-D cable no use ?
  4. James124 said:
    hmm so Dvi-D cable no use ?

    Not with a VGA monitor, no.
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    VGA is comprised of an R, G, B analog signal and a horizontal sync and vertical sync digital signals.

    DVI-D is carries purely digital signals.

    DVI-I carries both analog and digital signal components.

    A DVI-I to VGA adapter passes the R, G, B and the Horizontal and Vertical Sync signal components of DVI-I to the VGA cable/monitor.
  6. oh then i gues the staffs in the stores are noobs and they say monitor is the problem and xfx didnt even give me converter and 8pin to 6pin converter . Now ill buy one and check.
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