Can i use my mobos default backplate with my H100 cpu cooler?

The short version of my questions:
- Will my intel core i7-3960X cpu, corsair H100 cpu cooler, and asus rampage IV extreme mobo all fit and work well together using the backplate that came attached to the mobo, or do i have to use the backplate provided with the H100? Keep in mind certain mobos dont need the backplate provided, and can be used with the stock one.

- If i dont have to use the backplate provided will there be any differences at all between using either backplate, like extra heat, or any other kind of lack of performance?

- And would you recommend i use any other thermal compound/paste over what came pre applied on my H100?
I always see advertisements about better cooling with high end thermal compound, but ive never read or been told to use a specific thermal compound over any other.

All the details + extra info:
So ive got a rampage IV extreme and am using a 2011 socket cpu. I read online that i dont need to install the back plate that comes with my H100 cooler on a specific mobo. I keep reading all over the place that the cooler is compatible with a 2011 socket setup so i was wondering if i really needed to remove my current back plate and install the new one. Im also curious about heating. I was reading that some people were removing the plastic on this X shaped backplate(is that spelled with a space?), and that it messes with the cooling of the setup and can cause short circuits or what have you. This got me thinking that i may have optimal heating with the backplate that came with my H100 rather than the backplate that came attached to my mobo.
I also was reading about people having problems with the screws being loose and something with the cpu fans not fitting properly causing cpus to overheat. So since everything lines up and fits with the stock backplate i think thats the safest bet. The problem is i have thermal paste that might be terrible of terrible quality and no rubbing alcohol to remove the pre applied thermal paste on the H100.
So what do you guys think about all this? Please dont post if you have nothing positive or relevant to mention. The last time someone went off topic about their opinion on me, they had to deal with an admin/mod, i am not trying to be rude or make a threat, or anything like that, im just tired of dealing with rude ppl.
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  1. Any socket compatible backplate should work.
    I've used an H50 with Intel, Swiftech, XSPC and a couple of different Xigmatek backplates , no difference in temperatures.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pre-applied paste ( I could put that in bold if it will help to get the point across )

    This really should have been in one of the cooling sections

    Editted for early morning spelling
  2. Thanks for the response, ran into a problem after confirming on a forum that it should fit, and then i found someones review where they had it installed with the regular backplate from my same mobo and the same H100 CPU cooler, they said it was a tight fit.

    I tried installing it and found that it was a tight fit, in the sense that it barely would fit onto the screws because they were too far apart. I got it on for the most part and figure i could use the screws to inch it along corner by corner till it was flush with the cpu.
    I wound up over tightening one of the screws and it ripped of the threaded bolt part that has basically threaded "screws" or what have you on both sides. Turns out i mixed up my H60 screws since the only cpu cooler i could find the day of my build was an H60 at best buy. Donno if it was the screws the bracket or the excessive force or a little bit of each.

    Either way i removed the cooling block to see if it actually touched the cpu and it did, but i couldnt see or tell how tight of a fit it was. Since i still have the smaller threaded double sided "screw" things i decided i would retry the installation using the H100 Bracket and the previously mentioned "screws" and the H100 bolt/cap/top screws i didnt use.

    The second i barely removed the block i tightened it back up again with the 3 screws it does have, i figured that was better than putting the plastic caps back on, i hate applying thermal paste manually.

    Do you think its bright to try and not touch the cpu and the cooling block so that i dont have to reapply the paste, or now that ive removed it once the thermal paste wont reapply properly?

    Used underlining hoping anyone skimming this post might catch the question instead of having to read everything.

    I also contacted corsair via email to see if i could order some replacement screws so i can use my H60 on my back up desktop and use the proper H100 screws just to be safe.
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