Which is better???

i'm plannin on a graphics card...
i'v shortlisted the GTX460 as the one m gonna get..
i was wondering which manufacturer i shud go for..
should i go for the MSI GTX460 CYCLONE 1GB or the ZOTAC GTX 460 1GB AMP! EDITION?
which gives better performance and which is better? :??:
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  1. Both are good, how much is the price difference ?
  2. DirectCU edition?
    Are you looking to overclock?
  3. Between the Zotac AMP! and the MSI Cyclone, I would go for the AMP! for its very quiet custom cooler and extra high factory overclock. Both are good choices, though.
  4. One thing that I always take into account is the difference in warranty. EVGA has a good practice of including nice, long warranties with their cards (sometimes even lifetime warranties). I can't speak for others but that is DEFINITELY something that weighs heavy on my decision-making. I don't mind replacing the card if I can do it for free as many times as necessary.

    And to be honest, a company that backs their product with a longer warranty is going to have a better product. It's more cost-effective! :D
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