Does it hurt a motherboard to wrap it in shrink wrapping

I recently bought a used motherboard and the shipper wrapped it in shrink wrapping. And now the board doesn't work is it because they wrapped it in shrink wrap?
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  1. Anything other than its original antistatic bag that it came with is not recommended.Unless you can buy another antistatic bag/cover.Static electricity destroys electrical equipment.
  2. The board should not be wrapped in anything other than an anti static bag. But it is doubtful that the board was damaged by wrapping it in shrinkwrap, it is much more likely the seller has sent you a bad board from the get go. Buy a "used" motherboard? In my opinion, you are taking a big chance, 50/50. I would never, ever under any circumstances buy a used board, unless it was from someone I knew personally, AND seen the PC running before I bought it. Hope they accept returns.
  3. Static electricity sometimes isnt enough to damage equipment.
  4. are you talking shrink wrapping or saran wrapping?
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