Dual Channel Memory Supported?(Socket 478)

Hi, im interested in bumping my system up just a bit higher before i buy a new computer based on Sandy Bridge E or EX this winter...

Does Socket 478 support Dual Channel on RAM? Or is it dependant on the motherboard chipset? If so, would Intel's 875 chipset support it? I think it does... =/

Thanks, simple question! (Please don't bombard me with... "Dont drop money into that system" or "Your wasting your money" please =] but if you reaaallyy feel like it...)
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  1. I suppose it can as my dad has a p4 2.8 with a dual channel intel board....
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    chipset dependant, thats where the memory controller is in p4's. I think the 865 chipset was the first intel chipset with a dual channel controller.
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