Gt 250

guys plz tell if gts 250 will run on 400 w power supply
n is it better than 9800
like 40nm technology for power saving n stuff
more cores n stuff?
asap thx
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  1. GTS250 is identical to the 9800GTX+, except for a new PCB, although commonly you will see the old PCB used.

    nothing better though, and a 400watt PSU is really pushing it, probably won't work. Depends on the rest of the system.

    I'd reccomend absolute minimum at 450, but preferably 500 or more!
  2. i have core 2 quad 8200 and intel g31 pr n 2gig ddr2 ram 320 gb hard disk
    wil it wrk r shall i cancel the order
  3. it won't damage your system if it can't pull it, it will just BSOD out or something.

    I'd keep the order, but walk to a local store and pick up a 500+ watt unit to be sure, or add that to the order
  4. dude can u help identify the psu specs thrs a lot of on tht
    +12v kind written along with many numbers

    i have run nvidia 210,220 on it easily
  5. yes but nVidia 210 and 220 are very efficient, using around 30 watts ish, the 250 has a peak tdp of 144 watts. That is what worries me.

    The PSU you have: 15A @ 12V = 180 watts..... with 144 for CPU, then 36 left for other things... no way that PSU is going to pull it.

    Definetely need a heavier PSU in order to get this to run.
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