What RAM should I buy 800MHz/1066MHz?

Hello Guys,

I am looking to upgrade my RAM.
Current RAM is 2 x DDR2-667MHz-1GB and going to upgrade to 4GB.

But I am confused, which will suit to my system.
System is Dell Precision Workstation T3400.
Processor: Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 GHZ.
Motherboard: Dell (I couldn't find motherboard number).

Things that are making confusion:
1) Processor FSB:
It says 1333 FSB. Does it have anything to do with RAM speed?

2) Mohterboard memory clock:
It says 667/800

3) Motherboard system clock:
It says 800/1066/1333

4) Checked on for supported RAM for my machine:
It says 667/800/1066

I dont know what the clock is and how one clock differs from other.
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  1. I would go with crucial, or pull one stick and check the brand and actual speed on the label. Upgrading ram means simply adding more; no point in paying for performance ram as the dell has no ram adjustments in the bios. You can use up to 2 gb per slot for a total of 8 gb. Mixing ram brands or speeds may not work, so checking the current label may save you from having to return it.
  2. Current Ram is Samsung 667 MHz. I want to upgrade to higher MHz if that can add to performance. Mostly I use computer for gaming so increase in RAM speed might help. Also I will not mix Ram with mixed speeds, as alll will run at speed of lowest RAM inserted.
  3. Then 667 samsung is what I would go with. You might get lucky and find some used on craigslist. Check for ecc or non ecc on the label; don't mix the two.
  4. If I go with higher Mhz Ram and completely remove sticks of 667 MHz, will that add to performance? And if yes then of what MHz Ram should I buy?
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    If the board says it will run 800, then pc6400 should work. But don't expect that much difference performance wise. Don't pay more for it over pc5300. I still recommend you match the brand and speed, unless you buy it locally so you can exchange it. Frys has a 15 day return policy with no restocking fees, but their stores are mostly in the west southwest and atlanta areas. Microcenter may have a similar return policy, but check with them first.
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