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Cpu fan connector vs other fan connectors?


I have a total of 5 fans in my case.

4 Chassis
1 CPU Aftermarket

Now for cable managment reasons I hooked up one of the chassis fans to the CPU_FAN connector near the cpu socket, and the cpu fan to a random 3 pin connection available on my motherboard.

Is this a bad idea, in case the cpu_fan connector is given more wattage to spin at higher RPMs? Or does it not affect anything, and am I just being paranoid?

Thanks :P, also it seems to be throwing alot of fan monitoring programs off like speedfan and the built in ASUS one...
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    The headers are all usually supporting the same watage fan. You will lose the ability for the motherbd to automatically control the cpu fan and therefor regulate the cpu temp since it will be really varying the rpm of the case fan instead.

    edit - with the cpu fan plugged into a 3 pin header it will run full on so theres no worries about overheating it. In case youwere worried about that.
  2. No worries about overheating, but it will be very loud. You may as well get the chassis to a normal accessory plug, since case fans don't generally get that loud.
  3. Thanks for both replys wish I could select both :P, I dont care about it not being monitored, I just wanted to know if it would run on full, just like popatim has informed me :D
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