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Asus p8p67 pro hd audio quality is not good

I just assembled a new pc using Asus p8p67 pro mobo with 8 gig memory and 2400k processor. I've tried all options on the Realtek High Definition Audio codec that came with the mobo, but sound quality is worse than that of the 2.1 channel sound from my former onboard chipset on a cheaper motherboard which I used before. Has anyone experienced a similar poor quality sound, or are my settings wrong? can someone please help me?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Try the latest Realtek drivers R2.67 2011/12/16 ->

    Q - What header are you using on the MOBO? e.g. HD Audio or legacy AC`97
    Q - How is your audio connected? e.g. green I/O
  2. Thanks jaquith, i'll try your driver link.
    about the headers,... i'm not sure which headers you mean but In the bios, it's set to HD audio.
    My speaker system is a logitech with 7 speakers with 3 inputs...lime, black and orange, so i've connected them to their output jacks on the mobo, i.e. lime, black and orange. I think they correspond to L-R front, L-R rear and Center Sub (the speaker outputs).
  3. I should have reworded, Headers function is case/connector dependent. Since you're issue is I/O connector its N/A.

    In the EFI make sure HD Audio -> Enabled, and Front Panel Type -> HD are set correctly. Then make sure the Realtek Audio Manager is set-up properly in Windows.

    Lime (Green) = Front R/L ; 2.1 Stereo
    Black = Rear R/L
    Orange = Center/Subwoofer

    2.1 = Lime (Green)

    4.1 = Lime (Green) & Black
  4. Thanks for your help Jaq. I Appreciate it. I've checked everything and its all set up properly. I'm convinced that this mobo just doesn't have good sound hardware. I tried a different motherboard which I have as a spare ... Gigabyte Z68X -UD4-B3. The sound was much better.
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    Hi flexible,

    Integrated audio appears to be a bit of an orphan currently.
    I have an Asus P8Z68 Deluxe, which has a slightly more capable audio DAC, the Realtek 889, rather than the 892 that is in the Pro.
    Even so, the sound I get direct from the USB port through a low cost NuForce uDAC-2
    amplifier is much better than anything the motherboard delivers through its integrated audio.
  6. Thank you Etudiant, I fully agree with you. my Gigabyte Z68X -UD4-B3 spare motherboard is not bad though probably not as good as your external DAC.
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