I need Help with FPA on a P55A-UD3

Hey guys I think I screwed up reall badd. What happens is that I dont get any front panel audio, in AC'97 or HD mode. I think I know why as I was screwing with it one day and I was doing some cable managment, while I was doing that, I think that I must have placed the FPA connecter on wrong because when I opened my computer the next day as I had no audio out of the front pannel I saw that the connecter was like this

. ..

The place where it is underlined was where the connecter was meaning I missed the top 4 pins. When I put the connecter back in properly, I still didnt get any audio. Thats where im at now. Guys plz help me :)

Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Rev 2.0
16GB's of Muskin silverline DDR3 1333Mhz memory
Core i7 870
Gigabyte/Nvidia 9800gt
OCZ ModXStream 500 Watt PSU

Thanks ALOT in advance :)
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  1. First, check if audio devices show up in your device manager and are installed properly; not muted; etc.
    There is a chance that the onboard audio got shorted out. But, there is always an add-on audio card hat will work. I would borrow one first to make sure it works fine.
  2. There should be 4 pins in one row, and 3 pins in the other. Check for bent pins and the like.
    I'm surprised that you got audio in the first place. Otherwise you can get a cheap Creative PCI sound card that will be better than your onboard audio anyway.
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