3dMark 11 scores.

hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has downloaded and run 3dMark 11 yet, and how the scores are compared to Vantage. I'm in class now, won't be able to dl and run it till after 3ish EST.
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  1. meh synthetic benchmarks are like dynos for cars. sure it tells how much power is there but there is so much more to look at before being able to know for sure what the actual gameplay is gonna look like

    give my game benchmarks over synthetics any day of the week
  2. Yes, but don't run it then....
  3. I have downloaded and ran it but I cant get score, its stuck trying to request their site after all benchmarks and errors out. Probably servers too overloaded
  4. I just started my download. Hopefully I'll have a score in the next 15 minutes..
  5. Errors out on the Physics test on my system and seems there are several others with the same problem reporting to Futuremark

    From one of their staff programmers in a thread about it :

    I have a hunch this might be bug on our side. Black screen after loading physics test is known issue, which we have been able to reproduce very briefly just today. It seems to happen pretty randomly. Maybe even reboot might help.

    We are investigating the issue, and I hope the issue is in the SystemInfo rather than benchmark itself.

    Maybe the release should of been delayed a bit longer !
  6. Damn,it only runs in DX11,thought it might of had a DX9 or 10 option as we dont all have DX11 cards :(
  7. Apparently it doesn't support SLI yet. weird.
  8. http://3dmark.com/3dm11/54093?show_ads=true&page=%2F3dm11%2F54093%3Fkey%3D2dwxWzaShRU6L55WVB86mJvhjefsd3

    Thats weird, you're telling me there's only a 1684 point difference between a 6 core 980x@4ghz+gtx580 VS a q9300@3.5ghz+gtx470 ?
  9. 27.36% is quite a bit. How much difference do you think it should be?
  10. Well yeah 27% is quite a big difference.. Just expected something more around ~50% gain considering the 580 puts down a 20-35% gain by itself over a 470, then an extra 2 cores/8 threads @ 4ghz...maybe it has to do with the performance settings themselves and the low res.. Like it's not scaling very well here, but it may at 1920x1080..
  11. The individual scores in the results look right tho, it's really just the P score that throws it off ^^
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